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Rewards Club is a loyalty programme that allows Psychics Connect clients to earn points and enjoy fabulous benefits such as free readings and exclusive offers.

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Rewards Club membership is FREE and it's easy to join. When you book a reading the initial minutes are accrued to reach the target of 200 minutes. For example, 10 twenty-minute readings or 20 ten-minute readings equal 200 minutes.

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If you have 10 twenty-minute readings, without extra minutes: 10 x 20 = 200 total minutes divided by 10 readings = 20 Free Minutes

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Your account will automatically be credited with free minutes. You can use your free minutes in one sitting or enjoy several shorter readings whenever you want.

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SHARON's Psychic Profile

Psychic Background:

Sharon is Clairvoyant, Clairsentient and a healer. Her greatest asset is tuning into semi–precious stones and gathering information flowing through the stones as she concentrates on situations around those in need.

Sharon has always been a gifted psychic. As a child, she just knew about things, which were going to happen. She didn't take a great deal of notice of what was happening, feeling it was all such great fun as she enjoyed the moment. In her teenage years, she began to astral travel. She floated out of her body in out–of–body experiences, finding herself in another place and time. At times, she found this quite frightening, wondering whether she would find it easy to get back into her body.

Around the age of 21, she began to experiment with semi–precious stones. She would take part in weekend parties, asking her friends to pick out a stone they liked. She would then tune into their present and future. She found the stones remarkable and very easy to work with. Reading jewellery and crystals also added weight to her predictions.

In her readings, Sharon will ask her client a question and then do a layout with the stones, using a pendulum in order to clear Chakras relating to areas such as romance, health or developing their own Psychic powers. Using these semi–precious stones to balance the Chakras has enabled people to move on with their lives as they progressed on from issues, which have confronted them in the past.

Although Sharon's first love is the stones, she is also able to use the Tarot for a quick answer. She also specialises in Dream Interpretation. "Usually the dream is telling you something you haven't dealt with. The dream can recur over and over, time and time again, urging you to take action and deal with a particular situation".

Sharon is also a healer and enjoys working with animals. "Cats and dogs have problems, just like humans. I work out what areas the animal is not attuned to and use the Chakra stones to see what problems are with them. I get excellent results as I identify their needs with a pendulum. People are always happy to let me take a look at their pets.”

In spare time Sharon reads intently. She loves poetry and the theatre. She also enjoys meditation, yoga and Pilates and could not live without them as she finds them energising and invigorating, giving her a special boost.

Sharon is available for Tarot Readings, Soul Connection Readings and Clairvoyant Readings.

When to connect with Sharon

Monday, 21 Oct

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Tuesday, 22 Oct

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Wednesday, 23 Oct

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Thursday, 24 Oct

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Friday, 25 Oct

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Saturday, 26 Oct

1pm to 5pm

Sunday, 27 Oct

2pm to 5pm

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